MountainHacks is the Tri-Valley area's largest hackathon, bringing together 200+ students from around California to learn about new technologies, build innovative projects, and share their work with the community!

TEAM SIZE: 1-4 people

An in-person hackathon for high school students, with workshops, food, swag, and more! You can code using anything you want, as long as it's related to the theme. If you don't have enough experience, you can come to the workshops!

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  • Live demo
    • Demo: 1-2 minutes 
      • Present your project to the judges and show what you worked on
    • Live QA: 30 seconds - 1 minute
      • Judges get to ask you questions about your project and any questions they have in general

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$4,175 in prizes

1st Place

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Rainbow LED Backlit Wired with Anti-Dust Proof Switches for Windows PC (White, 87 Key Red Switch - One Per Winning Team Member(max. 4)

2 summer camps and 2 one-month free CREATE enrollments - One Per Winning Team Member(max. 4)

2nd Place

Upgraded, Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker with IPX5 Waterproof, Stereo Sound, 24H Playtime, Portable Wireless Speaker for iPhone, Samsung and More - One Per Winning Team Member(max. 4)

3rd Place

FONEWE 50ft Led Lights for Bedroom Led Strip Lights Led Light Strip with App Led Lights for Home Decoration - One Per Winning Team Member(max. 4)

Track 1: Most Impactful

AoPs $25 credit - One Per Winning Team Member(max. 4)
CHM Tickets - One Per Winning Team Member(max. 4)

Track 2: Best Design/Looking

SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen with Display - Includes 3D Pen, 3 Starter Colors of PLA Filament, Stencil Book + Project Guide, and Charger - One Per Winning Team Member(max. 4)

Track 3: Best Hardware

ELEGOO UNO Project Basic Starter Kit with Tutorial and UNO R3 Compatible with Arduino IDE - One Per Winning Team Member(max. 4)

Track 4: Most Technologically Advanced(Ninja Coding Challenge)

Summer Code Sensei /Internship - One Per Winning Team Member(max. 4)

Track 5: Best use of APIs

Postman Student Swag Kit (5-Item Postman Swag Kit to each member) → Postman Student Swag Kit Includes: Premium Diary. Thermos Sipper with Temperature Display. Sticker Sheet. Mobile Pop-up Holder. Premium Pen. - One Per Winning Team Member(max. 4)

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MountainHacks Team

MountainHacks Team
Mountain House High School

Code Ninja Judges(2)

Code Ninja Judges(2)
Code Ninjas

Venkata Dharma Chand Bhaverisetti

Venkata Dharma Chand Bhaverisetti

William Gay

William Gay
Teacher @ MHHS

Judging Criteria

  • Rubric
    Judges will judge you based on - Creativity and Originality - Technical Difficulty - Functionality - Best UI/UX - Market Potential - Impact and Sustainability - Theme Relevance - Presentation and Pitch

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